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Medicare Has Rules & Costly Pitfalls! We help beneficiaries Shop for coverage that suits their needs. Call 1-888-608-0654(Medicare Savings). 100% Hassle-Free Service. We help retirees and the baby boomer generation SAVE $1000's in retirement dollars.

TOP MEDICARE SAVINGS TIPS: Up to 98% of Beneficiaries do NOT shop their coverages annually! Duration of Coverage Adversely Affects Premiums.

  1. Avoid COSTLY late enrollment penalties for Medicare Part B(Medical) & Part D(Drug) by planning at least 6 months ahead.

  2. Shop for market value Medigap Insurance Rates or qualify to Lower down your Premium. 98% of Consumers Overpay from $30-$250+ per month because folks do NOT shop their plan rate.

  3. Shop for the right Part D drug plan. Consumers Overpay from $10$-&70 per month. Shop for Savings during AEP(Oct 15-Dec 7)

  4. Shop to protect your Personal Savings or Protect from COSTLY Hospital/Outpatient bills. There are COSTLY gaps on Medicare Advantage Plans(MAPD) ranging from $4,500 - $11,000 in maximum-out-of-pocket(MOOP) risks. There are COSTLY gaps on Original Medicare(A&B) like the $1400+ hospital deductible & the 20% limitless Part B coinsurance gap for outpatient surgeries(e.g. $32K back surgery, $100K Chemo Treatments, Hip replacements . . .)

  5. Reduce your Medicare Part B premium, if eligible due to reduction to income or qualify for low-income subsidy.

Are you on Medicare and Medicaid? Qualified into STATE Medicare Savings Program benefits?

Step 1 : Call your State-Based Medicaid Administrator. Found on >>> hereStep 2: Apply if you are close to or under the income eligibility limits >> Learn how hereStep 3: Call US 1-888-608-0654 to enroll into your State-Based Medicaid program to receive Benefits under a Dual-Eligible Healthcare Plan

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Medicare Savings helps Beneficiaries 12-months out of the year to SHOP for Medigap Insurance. However, Medicare has Rules & Designation Periods where we help Beneficiaries SAVE or Protect their SAVINGS during these calendar periods. Use our FREE Medicare situation QUIZ Here, if you want to know your insurance options or leave a voicemail with your Medicare situation. 98% of Beneficiaries do NOT shop their premiums or coverages annually. Duration of Coverage adversely affects all Healthcare insurance premiums over time. $1000's of hard earned retirement dollars go out of your pocket to the insurance companies that are paid handsomely by the government in many instances.

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Healthcare insurance always goes up. Check our marketplace RATES anytime for Medicare Insurance Options.

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Are you New-To-Medicare?

There are 2 main ways to choose your Medicare path for your healthcare insurance. There are BIG differences in claims payment of your hospital and medical bills(EOB's) when choosing your Medicare path.

  1. Original Medicare(Part A&B) as your primary payor + Medigap Insurance as your standardized 2nd payor + Part D(Drug) plan as your outpatient drug coverage(pharmacy card). This is the most robust national fee-for-service health insurance program for seniors age 65 and up. Nationwide health care providers and hospitals. The health care providers have the authority to provide you medical services and supplies when properly coded & billed to the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services(CMS) regional Medicare Administrative Contrators(MACs).

  2. Medicare Advantage(Part C) is the optional alternative. All-in-one private healthcare insurance plans which many include Part D(Drug) coverage. Many are attracted to their "$0" premium however you have chosen a private health insurance company to manage your healthcare cost with the ability to audit your medical claims with "Prior-Authorization" and "gate-keepers" needed for doctor's referrals.

How To Start/Sign Up For Medicare Part A & B Below.

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Take these 3 Easy Steps To Start Your Original Medicare Journey. Then buy additional insurance to AVOID Costly Medicare bills when shopping for insurance(STEP 2) and cover what Medicare Does NOT.

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Step 1: Start Medicare Easily

How To Sign Up For Medicare Online

Step 2: Shop for Insurance

Shop for Insurance to Cover What Medicare Does Not Cover

3: Enjoy your Medicare Journey

Remember to Create your Account to Shop Part D drug plans annually. Medicare Savings will help you SAVE while on your Medicare Journey.

Did you choose a Medicare Advantage(Part C) plan as your Medicare path?

Shop over 4700 different choices for Medicare Advantage(HMO or PPO) Plans in the marketplace which does not make it easy to choose. However, Medicare Savings has partnered with Medicare Advantage specialist, Medicare BackOffice(MBO), based out of Omaha, NE. They help us service all 50 STATES for Medicare Advantage Plans in your area. To get to the front of the line this Medicare Season use our direct referral link contact form. "Michael Fischbach" & "Mike@MedicareSavings.US" will be auto-filled in the form to ensure you are helped specifically for Medicare Advantage in your area. Or Call 1-877-385-8083 and say my name(pronounced) "Michael Fish Bach" for personalized service during AEP or MA Open Enrollment each year. Shop during Annual Enrollment(Oct 15th-Dec 7th) & Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment(Jan 1st-March 31st.)

Did your Medicare Supplement(Medigap) Insurance Rate Go Up, Again?

Original Medicare(A&B) is the primary health insurance and payor for majority of retirees and baby boomers. But Original Medicare(A&B) has some costly gaps in coverage. Medicare Supplement(Medigap) Insurance Letter Plans are extremely popular to buy to help fill in the gaps of Original Medicare(A&B). These Medigap plans essentially make your Original Medicare(A&B) benefits comprehensive with nationwide coverage. However, millions of folks Do Not shop when their rates increase over time(Duration of Coverage).
Learn How to SAVE $1000's in retirement dollars.
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