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Every Medicare & Medicare-Medicaid Beneficiary deserves an easier path to benefits and savings.

Medicare Savings is a FREE nationwide beneficiary resource to help navigate Medicare options easily Over-The-Phone or VirtuallyOur mission is to enable beneficiaries  with an easier path to their benefits and savings.

Medicare Savings Services are available 12-months out of the year for Eligible Medicare and Medicare-Medicaid beneficiaries, U.S. Retirees & Retired Former Employer Groups.   We simplify & help you qualify into your Medicare benefits. Our service no-additional cost and we are  a hassle-free service that advocates for you to keep your retirement dollars and/or qualified benefits. 98%-93% of beneficiaries Overpay for their Medicare insurance after a few short years. Beneficiaries do NOT shop their premiums or Medicare coverages annually. Duration of Coverage adversely affects all Healthcare plan premiums over time. Billions of hard earned retirement dollars go out of your pocket to the insurers that are paid handsomely by the government on individual and group Medicare insurance companies.  And, Hundreds of Millions of benefits are untapped or unused by beneficiaries each year

 We Find Benefits or Savings For Our Members Throughout Your Medicare Journey.

Medicare Has Rules & Costly Pitfalls You will want to AVOID! We help beneficiaries Shop for coverage that suits your Medicare situation.
Call 1-888-608-0654(Medicare Savings).  We help retirees and the baby boomer generation SAVE $1000's in retirement dollars.

TOP MEDICARE SAVINGS TIPS: Up to 98% of Beneficiaries do NOT shop their coverages annually! Duration of Coverage Adversely Affects Premiums.

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