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Enrollment into Medicare is thru Social Security Administration. is where you enroll into your Medicare Part A(Hospital) & Part B(Medical) benefits. Medicare Savings makes enrollment simple and easy by assigning you to 1 of our seasoned agents. Call 1-888-608-0654 to have us along side you for your entire Medicare journey.

Initial Enrollment Period

The Initial Open Enrollment Period is the 7-month window when you are eligible to enroll into Medicare benefits without penalty. 

You have a decision to make if you are eligible to stay with your group health insurance or transition into Medicare Part A & B.

Make sure you do not miss or enroll late into your initial enrollment period. You can incur Lifetime penalties when enrolling late.

If you are eligible & decide to defer your Part B start date then make sure to inform Social Security(1-800-772-1213).    

Medigap Open Enrollment

The ONE-TIME Medigap Open Enrollment is a 12-month window surrounding your Part B effective month.

It is recommended that you enroll 6-4 months prior to your Medicare Part B effective date. 

This reserves the rate and aligns the Medigap policy effective date with your Medicare Part B effective date. 

This ensures that you AVOID a delayed Medicare A&B and Medigap start date. All with plenty of time to recieve your "Welcome to Medicare Letter", your Medicare ID card & your Medigap Policy ID card. 

Trial Right Period

The Trial Right Period is the first 12 months(1st year) you enrolled into the optional alternative of "Medicare Advantage"(Part C is your primary). If you decide that you DON'T like being in a restrictive HMO or PPO network of doctors, specialist & hospitals; where the insurance companies often impose a prior-authorization form as a standard protocol, then you have the right to SWITCH back to "Original Medicare"(Part A&B). You can CHANGE but It must be within the first 12-months.

You will then be in a "GUARANTEED ISSUE" situation when you can disenroll  from your "Medicare Advantage" plan and enroll back into "Original Medicare".

You will be eligible to enroll into a Medicare Supplement(Medigap) Plan and a stand alone Part D drug plan.

Pro Tip: Enrolling into a Part D drug plan will automatically DISENROLL you from your "Medicare Advantage"(Part C) plan.

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