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Founded to help seniors on Medicare with the rising cost of US healthcare and fearing medical bills(CNBC) and even faster rising bankruptcy rate for seniors age 65 and up(US NEWS, The Washington Post). There is a “Silver Tsunami” of people who will turn 65 in the next 20-25 years who will benefit and appreciate a free trusted Medicare Savings insurance service like ours, on their side.

Medicare Planning Advisor & Advocate
Michael C. Fischbach |


Michael C. Fischbach, is president of Medicare Savings LLC. He is a published Medicare Planning Advisor and Advocate. Email your Medicare questions to Mike@MedicareSavings.US. Follow Michael on Facebook and Youtube with his informational Medicare insurance videos. Also follow as he interviews people from the Medicare community (veterans, healthcare professionals & beneficiaries on MedicareLive Podcast.

Medicare Savings Insurance Experts & Services
We offer our clients access to our full-time Medicare Insurance Experts. We are licensed, appointed & certified as Medicare Insurance Specialists. We've helped with Medicare decisions nationwide. We've build a hassle-free Medicare Savings Insurance Service to help you, your friends and family in the community. Medicare Savings provides no-cost additional benefits if you decide to enroll with us. Like free online Medicare question & concern support, free annual rate reduction assessment, free Part D analysis and tips to help America's greatest generation save more per year.

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